THE THREE INCH FOOLS – Shakespeare at the pub at The Mortal Man

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This Summer, The Three Inch Fools take to the road for the second year running, touring their new and fast-paced productions of Macbeth and As You Like It. Travelling the country in a tepee, The Three Inch Fools are a motley troupe of Shakespearean actors and musicians with a highly imaginative take on Britain’s favourite bard.

The Fools do Shakespeare differently, with an eccentric assortment of inventive props, costumes and contraptions to aid their innovative productions. With their own brand of travelling Shakespeare, their performances are driven by live music-making and bold story-telling, bringing Shakespeare back to his lively, raucous roots.

Used to performing in unusual and challenging places across the country (indoors and out), The Three Inch Fools are seasoned performers at castles and churches, market places and ruined buildings, their most recent performance taking place inside an old fire station.

Celebrating Shakespeare 400 on the road, with their camping gear, props, costumes and instruments (and a rather spectacular teepee) packed, The Fools will embark on a 5-week journey, visiting all manner of places to perform their most intriguing productions yet, packed to the brim with original music, quick wit and unbearable drama.

The Three Inch Fools will be performing in the garden at The Mortal Man for one night on 2 July (As You Like It), at 7pm. Audience are invited to bring along a blankets/rugs and enjoy the drama and revelry in the beautiful garden at The Mortal Man, the perfect setting for an evening of raucous Summer entertainment.

For tickets and enquiries please contact:

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