@timfarron claims PCC has no mandate after Lib Dems come a distant last in Cumbria

Liberal Democrat president Tim Farron warned it would be “extremely difficult” for PCCs to claim a mandate when they were elected by just 7-8 per cent of registered voters in their area.

The statement from the Westmorland and Lonsdale MP came within 24 hours of the Liberal democrats failing to win any seats across the nation and his flagship team in South Lakes came a distant last for the Cumbria wide election.

Commentators from South Lakes noted the politicization of his campaign and how much money and effort they had put in.

Local Conservative Ben Berry said “The Lib Dems came so far behind every other candidate here in Cumbria. Even the independent and Labour were around 2000 votes ahead and the Conservative several thousand in the clear. I’m sure if they had done better Mr Farron would be singing an entirely different tune.”

Regarding the nationwide polling numbers Prime Minister David Cameron insisted: “Yes, they have a mandate. The turnout was always going to be low, when you’re electing a new post for the first time, but remember these police and crime commissioners are replacing organisations that weren’t directly elected at all.”

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