Trident doesn’t just make sense for Defense, it’s vital for Cumbrian jobs

Prime Minister David Cameron has praised Barrow architects and construction workers of submarines in a piece for the Telegraph that explains why its vital for Britain to keep a Nuclear Deterrent. The Prime Minister cited North Korea and Iran as examples of threats and said that “The Soviet Union no longer exists. But the nuclear threat has not gone away. In terms of uncertainty and potential risk it has, if anything, increased.” He also went on to answer critics that say Trident is too expensive by outlaying the overall cost and decreeing that¬†“the security of our nation is worth the price”.

David Cameron is right to mention Barrow, the shipyard is not only the second largest ship building complex of its kind in Europe but the Devonshire Dock Hall is Cumbria’s tallest building and the highly skilled workforce are numbered in the thousands.

Commentators described the piece as an attack on the Lib Dems who are considering calling for the Nuclear Deterrent to be axed. Westmorland and Lonsdale’s Lib Dem MP has even put together a video with Greenpeace on the issue. Barrow’s Labour MP John Woodcock hit back in recent months saying “the Lib Dems are either cosmically ill-informed or seeking to pull the wool over the eyes of many thousands whose jobs depend on a thriving shipyard.”

Ben Berry thinks “Trident doesn’t just make sense for Defense, it’s vital for Cumbrian jobs”

Read David Cameron’s thoughts here:

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