Troutbeck is staying alive! Exciting program of heart jump packs


There was a public meeting in Troutbeck last night hosted by Windermere, Bowness and Troutbeck First Responders.

On the cards was an exciting program to put defibrillators in easy to access locations across the village for public use.

Troutbeck has rallied behind the local First Responders, firstly by having 6 of the 14 team living in village and secondly with massive anonymous and fundraising donations to keep the volunteers going and equipped.

Each station will cost around £1000 dependant on location. That includes a fabricated locked box with a light and heat source, and the defibrillator.

Boxes may also be put in local businesses for public use also and there will be a program of training for those who want it, although the defibrillator systems are fool proof.

When calling 999 the operator will be able to tell you where the nearest is and the code, if required, to get in the box.

Because of the obvious time saving in a life or death situation, and the dummy proof design of the system, the village gave a resounding yes to the plan.

There was also a demonstration at the meeting of a cardiac arrest.

Ben said “My mum and the rest of the volunteers work very hard, going to around 7-9 call outs a week. So it’s easy to give them support at events like this, especially when they want to give even move back to the community.
Although my mum was the actress used for the cardiac arrest and it was very un-nerving and I hope I never have to see that again. And not because of poor acting! It was genuinely scary to see someone in that position.”

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