Westmorland and Lonsdale tops UK for Hospitality Employment

New research by the British Hospitality Association puts Westmorland and Lonsdale at the top of the UK in terms of Hospitality Employment

The research also showed that the Hospitality and Tourism sector delivered more than a quarter of all jobs created since 2010 across the whole economy.

Westmorland and Lonsdale has 21.2% of people employed in the industry and was closely followed by constituencies in North Wales, London and Cornwall.

South Lakes Councillor Ben Berry commented on the research saying:

“These figures mask the true numbers that rely on this key industry. The local supply chain is huge and is augmented by all the shops that service our visitors.

Local Councils need to recognise these figures and stop treating businesses and visitors as cash cows and moreover the Government need to come to terms with the true scale of this £100 billion a year industry as a key export industry.”

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