Why you should #backBen on Thursday 2nd May in Lakes

Why you should #backBen on Thursday 2nd May in Lakes


Lakes’ needs someone who turns up and shouts for our Community. Attendance of 40% in the last twelve months from the Lib Dem hoping to walk into the role just is not good enough. I’m already standing up for the Lakes area.


I’m fighting for lower costs of living. I worked closely with Fair Fuel UK to fight for scrapping fuel duty rises, marching on Parliament and writing to the Chancellor. We were successful, but much more needs to be done.


Repeat and unapologetic car parking charge rises have been inflicted on us. I successfully fought against the Lib Dem policy of night time charges. I fought for cheap local car parking permits, but Tim’s Team on SLDC would not listen.


Instead of pointing at potholes we need a member who reports them and gets them fixed. It is the local Members job to get things done in their patch, not just show people them in leaflets.


We need politicians who don’t just complain about snow on our roads, but back plans for local snow clearance that is cheaper and more effective. That’s exactly what I’m doing for areas like the Langdale Valley. These schemes should be replicated County wide.


I stand up for farmers. As widely reported I setup a milk price demonstration in Kendal with the NFU and local farmers. The milk bath with two bikini clad Young Farmers drew in the crowds. Action like this across the country forced supermarkets to give a fair price for milk.


Businesses are being squeezed from every direction. Being involved in the family business, as well as setting up my own small enterprise, I know the pressures. The Councils should be working with business, not against it.


You and your family should #backBen on Thursday 2nd May because I have the youth, energy and new ideas we need to go forward.

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