Windermere Boundary update

I have good news and bad news when it comes to the Windermere Boundaries that many of us feel strongly about. You will remember that the Local Government Boundary Commission made proposals to cut Windermere in half putting large swathes of the Town including the train station, post office and much of the Lake into “Ambleside and Grasmere”.

The good news is that over six hundred residents signed my petition to keep Windermere, Windermere. I submitted a robust case to the Local Government Boundary Commission and I believe we have a good chance of stopping the madness.

The bad news is that the Liberal Democrats, Labour and Independent Councillors on South Lakeland District Council, whilst agreeing on most of Windermere, voted to put forward a submission that puts Bowness in Burneside. Yes, that’s the promenade of Bowness on Windermere being lumped with the Carus Green Golf Club in Burneside in the eyes of South Lakeland District Council.

To be entirely clear, the reason that these wards are becoming larger and causing these problems is because of a Political decision by the Liberal Democrats to have three councillor wards with elections every year. This doesn’t just make boundaries an issue but puts nearly 2.5% on your SLDC council tax over an electoral cycle. Why do our local politicians insist on breaking things that work perfectly well?

Either way we will find out what our boundaries look like when the Local Government Boundary Commission release their final recommendations on Tuesday 18th October 2016.

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  1. Madness Ben! We’re dumbfounded.. Windermere and Bowness are neighbours and should stay together! Thank you very much for the information..

  2. This is beyond stupid! Just another reason for me to stop supporting the LibDems which I did after their negative reactions to the Brexit vote. Will vote for you on Thursday.

  3. Thanks Ben for all your efforts. It takes some believing, doesn’t it? Surely, Bowness on Windermere is connected to Windermere and the Lake itself. As they say “The clue is in the name”. Will they try taking the Lake away from us next?
    It was bad enough when they called Westmorland Cumbria and it makes you wonder where it will all end.


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