Windermere Ferry Machine Victory!

Campaigners are claiming victory over the Windermere Ferry Ticket machines after Cumbria County Council today apologised and said they would put things right by removing the onshore ticket machines.

In a report to Cumbria County Council Cabinet a leading Liberal Democrat Councillor apologised for the way the Council had implemented and run the the new system, which has been in place since June 2016. The report highlighted that the call for change came after a motion to full council was passed, promoted by Windermere Councillor Ben Berry and his colleague representing the other shore of the lake Councillor Matt Brereton.

Councillor Berry thanked the Council for admitting fault and agreeing to a simpler system. He spoke saying:

“I’ve never seen a Council admit they were wrong, apologise and then agree to a sensible solution! I particularly want to thank the community, who by the thousands, signed our petition to get these silly machines scrapped and payment on board reintroduced. I’m so excited that we have won this battle but ever watchful as they implement the new proposals. Thanks is especially due to community campaigners Jennifer Slee, Tim Hardy, Alex Brodie and Council Officer Mike Smith who have all worked hard to get us to this point.”

Campaigners note that the Council hope to implement the changes before “the busy period of 2018” and hope that is before the Easter Holidays and preferably as soon as possible.


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