Windermere Ferry Ticket Machine saga set to end?

Campaigners are hopeful that the Windermere Ferry Ticket machine saga might finally be coming to an end. Cumbria County Council is set to receive its internal review of the controversial system at a Cabinet meeting on 21st December. Campaigners are hopeful that the Council will now bow to public opinion and revert to a simpler system.

The internal review came only after the Council finally admitted fault with the complicated Ticket Machines in a motion put forward by Windermere’s Conservative Councillor Ben Berry.

Owner of Fitzwilliam Galleries is community Campaigner Tim Hardy who has been liaising between Councillors, activists and the Council. Tim is cautiously optimistic that they will be recommending positive and sensible changes. He commented saying:
“This review was long overdue but very welcome. I thank those involved for having an open mind and willingness to look at the issues that myself, and many others, now face on a daily basis. Given the conversations and input that I, and my fellow activists, have had, we are hopeful that the Council will finally see sense.”

Windermere’s Councillor Ben Berry put forward that the system had to be swift, safe and available on board, preferably with a card solution in addition to cash. Thousands of residents and visitors joined him in a petition calling for a simpler solution. Councillor Berry said that campaigners were set to continue the fight if the Council continued to keep its head in the sand over the issues saying:
“I would like to praise everyone who has helped get the campaign this far, especially Jennifer Slee, Tim Hardy and Alex Brodie. We stand ready to continue to fight the Council and these ridiculous machines if the Council still won’t listen. If we have been successful, and the Council are willing to put in a simple solution, then this is a fantastic victory for common sense.”

The Cumbria County Council Cabinet meeting will be held at Thursday 21st December 2017 at 10am, Conference room A and B, Cumbria House, Botchergate, Carlisle. We expect the recommendations and report to become public seven days prior.

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